The role that Gunawan Jusuf fulfills within his position is truly remarkable. Overseeing not only numerous plantations and refineries spread across Indonesia but also managing operations from nearly a dozen offices throughout the country, Gunawan Jusuf navigates the intricate network of the Sugar Group Companies with finesse. What sets Sugar Group Companies apart is its structure as a collective of independent entities operating within a larger framework, a testament to Gunawan Jusuf’s skill in balancing the autonomy of individual businesses with the collective goals of the company.

As CEO, Gunawan Jusuf has been pivotal in driving substantial growth across a wide array of products, with Gulaku, a premium refined sugar brand, attaining widespread recognition as a household name throughout Indonesia. It’s a testament to his ability to harmonize diverse interests and steer them towards the creation of highly sought-after products.

Last year, Gunawan Jusuf took a proactive stance on sustainable resource utilization, evidenced by his publication of “Blue Gold.” In this candid exploration, Gunawan Jusuf delves into the intrinsic value of water as humanity’s most precious commodity, drawing from his extensive business background to underscore the critical role of water in sustaining his industry. As a leader whose livelihood hinges on sugar production, Gunawan Jusuf’s insight into water’s pivotal role is unparalleled.

In essence, Gunawan Jusuf’s ability to orchestrate collaboration among employees, subsidiary companies, and operational sites stands as his greatest achievement within the Sugar Group Companies. His strategic vision, coupled with a deep understanding of resource sustainability, underscores his invaluable contribution to both the company and the broader business community.