If Gunawan Jusuf is known for anything, it is as the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the Sugar Group Companies. The Sugar Group Companies is different from most companies, in that it’s not actually one single entity. As their CEO, Gunawan Jusuf actually oversees several independent Indonesian companies, all of which grow and refine sugar in order to produce numerous popular sugar products. He must bring all of the elements together so that they work for the good of the whole entity.

A few years back, Gunawan Jusuf wrote and published “Blue Gold,” a book that features a frank discussion of the relative scarcity and the high value of water. The book cites water as our most important and precious commodity. It’s not just the key to human life, but also to many businesses. As the Sugar Group Companies’ chief executive, Gunawan Jusuf has guided that organization to produce major growth in supplies and sale of many products, including Gulaku, a premium refined sugar product that has become one of the most popular brand names throughout Indonesia.