When you look at the career of Gunawan Jusuf, it’s certainly an impressive one. You see, Mr. Jusuf serves as Chief Executive Officer (CEO) for the Sugar Group Companies, which is not a single company at all. In actuality, Gunawan Jusuf oversees a diverse collective group of independent Indonesia-based sugar companies, all of which grow and refine sugar and manufacture many popular consumer products. Gunawan Jusuf has the Sugar Group Companies operating from nearly a dozen offices located throughout the country, and Gunawan Jusuf also makes sure every employee and every subsidiary, as well as the various plants and offices all work together in perfect harmony, to work toward the same goals and the same profit picture.

When Gunawan Jusuf wrote and published his book, entitled “Blue Gold,” a few years back, he did so to document the potential scarcity and the incredible value of water as the most important and precious commodity in the world, not just as a critical component of human life but also as an important part of many businesses, including his. It is this need that makes it enormously important that many independent and disparate interests act together to solve the problem of supply. He encourages everyone to operate much as he does in his business career.