Gunawan Jusuf

Gunawan Jusuf has held the position of Chief Executive Officer at the Sugar Group Companies for numerous years, a role that presents both formidable challenges and essential responsibilities on a daily basis. His primary objective entails overseeing the operations of a myriad of independent sugar companies, all of which are headquartered in Indonesia and consolidated under a single corporate entity. Remarkably, his approach ensures that the organization functions cohesively, as though it were a unified entity. Each of these companies specializes in sugar cultivation and refining, supplying the raw materials for some of Indonesia’s most popular products.

Within the scope of his business career, Gunawan Jusuf expertly manages the diverse operations of plantations, refineries, and offices dispersed throughout Indonesia. Despite the considerable obstacles, he has masterfully nurtured substantial growth in the sugar industry, giving rise to several well-known products that have become household names across Indonesia. One such product is Gulaku, a commercial refined sugar brand that enjoys widespread recognition. Gunawan Jusuf’s exceptional ability lies in ensuring that every facet of his diverse conglomerate of companies contributes to the collective improvement and success of the entire organization.