Gunawan Jusuf

Gunawan Jusuf, renowned as the CEO of the Sugar Group Companies, has established a strong reputation for delivering exceptional products. Last year, he authored the book “Blue Gold,” shedding light on the scarcity and significance of water as an invaluable resource. With his extensive business expertise, Gunawan comprehends the true worth of natural resources, a knowledge that has undoubtedly influenced his leadership.

As CEO of the Sugar Group Companies, Gunawan Jusuf oversees a diverse portfolio of sugar companies based in Indonesia. These companies cultivate and refine sugar, yielding a wide range of popular sugar products. The Sugar Group Companies operates numerous plantations and refineries strategically positioned throughout Indonesia, supported by nearly a dozen offices across the country. Despite the complex nature of managing multiple entities, Gunawan Jusuf has successfully guided the companies in the creation and expansion of numerous product lines. Notably, Gulaku, a premium refined sugar brand, has achieved widespread recognition and become a household name across Indonesia. Gunawan Jusuf’s remarkable ability to foster collaboration among employees, subsidiary companies, offices, and plants stands as a testament to his greatest accomplishment as the leader of the Sugar Group Companies.